20-year old mother kills baby to marry ex-boyfriend in Kaduna

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A 20-year-old mother, Faith Alhassan, has been arrested in Kaduna State for killing her one-year-old daughter, allegedly to enable her to marry her ex-boyfriend who was not ready to accept her with a baby.

Faith, a secondary school certificate holder, said until she carried out the dastardly act and saw the dead body of her daughter, she did not realise what she was doing.

The Kaduna State Police Command yesterday disclosed that on December 28 around 7 am. the body of a baby girl was found in a well at Gantan village of Kachia Local Government Area.

The police further informed that upon receipt of the report, an investigation was carried out and it was discovered that the mother of the dead baby, Faith Alhassan, was the suspect.

According to the police, the suspect went to Gantan village with the baby to meet her former boyfriend by the name Dolan Yakubu, whom she jilted some years back.

She equally told the police that it was when Dolan’s father complained of the baby that she quietly in the night went and dumped her into the well where the baby died, apparently for her to be able to marry her ex-boyfriend.

The suspect, however, denied her earlier statement to the police when she simply said she didn’t know what came over her when interviewed.

Speaking to journalists at the Kaduna State Police Command headquarters where she is currently undergoing investigation, she however denied that she killed her daughter because she wanted to marry her former boyfriend whom she had jilted some years back.

The young lady who said she stays with her grandmother, also disclosed she doesn’t know the whereabouts of her dead daughter’s father.

When asked why she was at the police command, she said: “I am here because of my daughter that I threw into the well and she died, I don’t know what came over me when I carried out the act”.

Asked whether it was because she wanted to marry her ex-boyfriend that she killed her daughter, she said: “I did not kill her because I want to marry, I just don’t know what entered me, I am not happy for doing it,” she said as she burst into tears.

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