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38-Year-old Suspect Murders, Cooks Uncle’s Body Parts

The Nekatambe community in Hwange has been left in shock after a 38-year-old man from the area allegedly murdered his uncle before cooking his body parts.

Wished Mumpande was arrested for murder after he reportedly killed his 62-year-old uncle, Fida Stephen Mumpande.

According to the police, the deceased disappeared while heading cattle along Gwayi River on July 17.

A search party organised by other relatives led to the discovery of the victim’s clothes and bloodstains in a nearby mountain.

The search party also discovered the victim’s right arm placed on a tree while other body parts including the left arm, backbone, legs and the head were found at the spot.

Police also revealed that the accused who is suspected to be mentally challenged was found with cooked human flesh and an axe which was allegedly used in the murder.

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