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Balogun Mumini of Yorubaland Dies at 75

Balogun Mumini of Yoruba land, Baale Rasheed Adeniyi Adesokan is dead. The retired captain of the Nigerian Army died on Saturday at the University College Hospital, UCH, Ibadan.

Reacting to his death, Rashid Aderinoye stated that he was a man to be remembered for a long time as he left a lot in the annals of history.

“A man who for his support for community transformation emerged a non -Ibadan Community Baale in the elitist area of Ibadan known as Bodija.

“A Prince of Oyo town, he was installed as Baale Bodija by the then Olubadan of Ibadan land. As Baale, he was most of the time presiding over meetings of the Committee of Baales in the land. He always used such occassions to demonstrate leadership by walking his talking to the extent that most of them emulated his Islamic examples.

“Baale Rasheed Adesokan in his usual interaction with Islamic Scholars enquired on how best to disseminate the excellent messages of the Holy Quran and the Hadith to those intellectuals and undergraduates whose knowledge of Islam is very low.

“He came to a conclusion that he needed to be equipped with Islamic knowledge. He decided to become a regular customer of Iwo road Islamic Material Centre where he bought many Islamic books. At this point he started learning the Qur’an using face to face and on-line efforts. His commitment and dedication yielded result as he memorized and recited verses of the Qur’an to the admiration of his teachers.

“Following his regular daily interaction with Scholars, he brought the idea of reaching out to people both Muslims and Christians through blended teaching approach. To start this, he got the support of the defunct Sunday Sketch Editor Mr Aragbaye, who acceded to sell a 2″ by 6″ space to accommodate inspiring messages of the Qur’an every Sunday under the title ” In the Light of the Holy Qur’an and Hadith” This was a regular educative releases for the period of 1986 till the paper folded up.

“Along with this innovative approach, he established a well-known CENTRE FOR ISLAMIC INFORMATION. This was a multi-approach to Islamic knowledge dissemination as Islamic books were published for free distribution for willing people, Yusuf Ali translated Qur’an were freely sent on request across the World, a weekly releases by name “Iqra series” from the Centre to youth and adult readers in addition those who on their own interest approached the centre to accept Islam.

“A very great example were group of Masquerade worshippers under the leadership of Abosinde who voluntarily burnt their Masquerade relics and submitted to the worship of Allah alone after reciting the belief in Allah and that Prophet Muhammed (SAW) is His messenger. As part of the core programme of the Centre was weekly coverage of Jumu’ah services by buying 30 minutes airtime on BCOS of Oyo State and Ondo State broadcasting Corporation between 1986 to 1993.

“Another major output of the Centre was the identification of areas that needed a befitting Mosque. After such survey, a modern Mosque with essential needs for worshippers were put in place. Among such mosques were the UCH Central Mosque, the Premier Hotel Ibadan central Mosque, the Ibadan end toll gate Mosque, the Ogere toll gate Mosque and the Are street Mosque to mention a few.

“Baale Rasheed, a lover of Education supported many youths through Scholarship and regular weekly youth forum in his Bodija 7 Oluyole way residence apart from sponsorship of conferences, seminars and researches into what can be done to advance the course of Islam.

“I must not fail to acknowledge his expertise in public and social analysis particularly in security and global world issues calling for solutions. Media houses around will definitely miss his handy and ever ready interventions when highly needed.

“He has been a model that can hardly be equalled as his gradual disengagement from public domain has left serious gap in Islam propagation.

“Baale Rasheed Adesokan legacies lives for people to learn from and perhaps emulate. Remember we always pray to be a model for Righteousness. Baale Rasheed didn’t wait for death to be righteous but he worked for righteousness before death.

“May he be accepted into al-jannah firdaous Aaaaamin thuma Aaamin.”

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