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Botswana Celebrates 55th Independence Anniversary

Today, Botswana celebrates its Declaration of Independence from the United Kingdom on September 30, 1966. Since then, Independence Day of Botswana, commonly referred to as Boipuso, has been observed as a national holiday on September 30 of every year.

In a press statement issued by the US Secretary of State, Anthony Blinken, he congratulated Batswana on the 55th independence anniversary while calling for a reflection on national values and a recommittment to building a better future for all.

According to Blinken, the United States greatly values its enduring friendship with Botswana as well as the shared commitment to democracy and human rights.

He also commend the country for its constructive role in promoting regional peace and stability through the Southern African Development Community.

With a population of slightly over 2.3 million people, Botswana is a landlocked country in Southern Africa. The country is a member of the African Union, the Southern African Development Community, the Commonwealth of Nations, and the United Nations.

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