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Children’s Day: GPBN Celebrates Nigerian Kids, Calls for Good Upbringing

The Guild of Professional Bloggers of Nigeria (GPBN) has congratulated Nigerian children on the occasion of the 2022 Children’s Day celebration.

In a statement issued by the Secretary of the association, Mr Femi Adeoya, he asserted that May 27 of every year is set aside to celebrate children in Nigeria through different events usually organised by state and local governments across the federation.

“Parents and guardians also take time out time to give their children a special treat on Children’s Day, which leaves our cities colourful every May 27th.

“This year, we specially celebrate the Nigerian children while noting that the essence of Children’s Day is a reaffirmation for parents, adults and guardians to stand up to their sacred duty of ensuring the wellbeing and proper upbringing of children,” he stated.

He further challenged every Nigerian adult and guardian to take full responsibility owed these children.


“The less every child is loved and cared for, the more endangered our society will become.

“Therefore, as we commemorate this year’s Children’s Day, may we be reminded that our best gift to children is not what we buy for them, but the values we instill in them,” he added.

May 27 was set aside as a holiday for children In Nigeria in 1964. The day draws attention and brings to the fore awareness on problems faced by children. 

According to UNICEF, Monetary poverty remains the root cause of the denial of most child rights in Nigeria. The U.N organisation states that 47.4% of children in Nigeria face monetary poverty by living in households with expenditure less than N137,400 a year (approx. N376.5 a day)

The theme for 2022 Children’s Day is “Strengthening supportive systems for the protection of Nigerian children: a wake-up call”.

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