Chris Ekiyor sets record straight, offers self for service to the Ijaw Nation

Presidential candidate of the Ijaw National Congress, Dr. Chris Ekiyor has expressed appreciation for the support and solidarity he has received in his quest for service to the Ijaw nation.

In a press statement released to the media, he also reiterated that he will not be distracted by brazen attempts to cast aspersions on his reputation.

“Let me begin by expressing my deep appreciation for the show of solidarity from the moment I took the decision to offer myself to serve Ijaw Nation .

“In taking this decision I was conscious of the Herculean task before me when elected to serve our dear Nation .

“Given my history and my many leadership voyages I have held the belief that the Ijaw Nation must always be given its preeminence and this I have kept faith with all my life.

“I have read the the piece being a report on the just concluded debate by our people as part of sincere and very commendable efforts to reposition our flagship INC of which I also participated .

“However am amazed that the report has attempted though unsuccessfully to taint my good name because of a publication which I am unaware until very recently.

“While this is quite unfair and an unethical attempt by people who I hold in very high esteem it must be stated that their actions are at the very best not in the best of our interest .

“As a former leader both in IZON EBE, STUDENTS SUG UNIBEN, AND MOST RECENTLY IN IJAW YOUTH COUNCIL , AND CONVENER ISGN, I have had the rare privilege to form very robust working relationship with many ethnic Nationalities whose interest aligns with our cooperate objectives as Ijaw Nation and the IGBO Nation is one of such whose support and strategic interest aligns very proportionately.

“The letter in question which was written without my knowledge should in my thinking and many contemporary leaders be a plus especially given the task, objective and strategic direction that our new INC leadership when elected is about to embark as a means to repositioning our Nation .

“It is a known fact that my working relationship with both Elder Rowland Ekperi and Dr Timi Agary has been for more than a decade and this in my humble opinion affords both a unique opportunity as many others to have a sincere perspective of my personality.

“It is indeed most unfortunate that rather than see it from an objective position it is seen in very grace and biased terms by people whom my knowledge should have persuaded them to see from a different and objective perspective .

“Let me be very clear that I have no hand nor knowledge in the said publication . It is indeed either a piece very clearly and sincerely written in lieu of our shared relationship as President of Ijaw Youth Council or a clear plan to thwart my bright efforts in serving Ijaw Nation .

“In my sincere estimation arising from my many years of forming strategic alliances in combating a common enemy within our Nigerian Nation this letter is truly a voice of trust and should be seen in that and only light .

“I will not be distracted by this brazen attempt to cast aspersions on my very strong reputation but will remain focused in wining and providing the required requisite leadership to Ijaw Nation under the aegis of the IJAW NATIONAL CONGRESS .

“Let me also state unequivocally that inspite of the above statement credited to the duo of Elder Rowland Ekperi and Dr Timi Agary my respect for them is unchanged as they remained very strategic resource persons in our Nation .

“I want to again thank all those who have worked tirelessly to ensure a smooth peaceful transparent and credible process including the organizers of the just concluded debate .

“Ijaw Nation truly appreciates and we the contestant also appreciate your patriotism and sacrifice .

“Long live Ijaw Nation, Long live INC”, he stated.

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