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Christmas message: I mean well for Nigeria – Kukah

Bishop of Sokoto Catholic diocese Matthew Hassan Kukah says his 2020/Christmas message is borne out of sincere concern for Nigeria and the present challenges facing the country.

The clergy says he simply mean well for Nigeria and Nigerians to overcome all forms of challenges not instigating outrage against any institution.

Addressing journalists at a press
conference in Sokoto where he responded to reactions that greeted his Christmas message from diverse Nigerians alleging that the leader had shifted ground from religion to politics.

Kukah says Nigerians must rise above ethnic and religious differences to tackle insecurity challenges bedeviling the country.

According to him, his utterances was borne out of serious concern for the disturbing, worrying and unbecoming situations Nigerians faced daily.

He noted that Nigeria was presently going through times characterised by security challenges, unwanted killings, destruction of properties and others.

Mr. Kukah says leadership must rise up and face the challenges squarely and respect the wishes and yearnings of citizens noting that all categories of people were feeling unsafe at the situations.

According to him, it is important to have respect for human lives and lives to be meaningful, saying it is difficult to find a community untouched with what is going on for some years.

The Bishop added that he expressed his feelings freely to show gratitude to God with no impression that all people must agree with the views.

He says it is erroneous to says he called for military coup saying those who interpreted it that way are narrow minded that misplaced the grammar used in the original message.

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