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Deontay Wilder Finishes Off Robert Helenius in Knockout

Deontay Wilder delivered a crushing blow to Robert Heleius in the first round and won the eliminator fight for the World Boxing Council full world title held by Tyson Fury.

The introduction of the fighters lasted longer than the fight itself as Wilder did not wait long and went all out as soon as the bell rang to start the fight.

Helenius took the punishment and went on top of his opponent to answer the offensive, Wilder walked backwards, cornered himself, Helenius went forward and Wilder met him with a right hand that sent him to the canvas with a blank stare.

Even if Helenius had been counted to 100 he wasn’t going to recover. Wilder delivered a crushing blow to his opponent and one of authority to boxing to claim his shot at the full world title

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