Environmental NGO Seeks Ban on Single-Use Plastic in Nigeria

The Global Alliance for Incineration Alternatives (GAIA) Nigeria has urged the Federal Government to impose ban on single-use plastic in the country.

It called upon the administration to prepone the effective date of ban, as mentioned in the national policy on plastic waste management, from 2028 to 2024. Furthermore, it requested the government to declare a state of emergency on plastic production.

The two-day workshop of the GAIA members, held recently in Lagos, saw participation from national as well as international stakeholders from the entire plastic processing value chain. The workshop was also attended by representatives of various trade associations, in addition to experts and representatives from government ministries, agencies, departments and agencies.

The stakeholders noted that all national and state plastic policies should incorporate zero-waste principles. They highlighted the need for a comprehensive nationwide campaign on educating consumers on the toxicity of plastic within the plastic value chain. The stakeholders urged the country’s government not to adopt waste-to-energy technologies such as municipal waste incinerators and chemical recycling facilities.

The workshop discussed about the serious environmental and health threats posed by rising volume of plastic waste.

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