Gunmen Release Photos of Hostages on Kaduna-Abuja Train Attack

A month after they attacked a Kaduna-bound train killing nine people and abducting several others, the gunmen responsible for the attack have released two photos of their hostages.

The photos were posted on Facebook by Bilkisu Yero, a lecturer at the Kaduna State University.

The photos, which they released on Monday, was the third time the gunmen, locally referred to as bandits, would be releasing evidence showing that the abductees are alive.

Till now, Nigerian authorities have not been able to ascertain the exact number of those abducted.

The gunmen have previously released two video footage showing some of the passengers.

The abductees have remained with the gunmen for a month despite repeated calls by their relatives and other Nigerians for the government to secure their release from captivity.

In one of the photos, there were 23 abductees, mostly women and children. Among the children were two boys and three girls. The remaining 20 were all women.

Unlike the last video clip they released, the gunmen didn’t reveal the background on the pictures possibly to prevent their location from being tracked.

The gunmen used what looked like bed sheets to hide the natural background of the photos. The abductees were seated on a tarpaulin spread on the ground.

In the other photo, there were 17 men in two rows.

The description on the photo showed it was taken with an Infinix mobile phone.

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