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Hackers Demand Ransom to Stop Attacks on Government Websites

Hackers have regained control of more than 30 Mozambique websites hours after the government said it had repelled an attack.

A group called “Yemeni Hackers” said they were behind the latest attack.

Some of the website attacked includes the portals of the national disaster management, roads administration and water agencies, the defence ministry and the national land transport institute.

The hackers have placed a message in one of the websites demanding ransom money to be paid in 24 hours.

“If the sum of $20,000 is not transferred in Bitcoin, confidential data will be leaked, including that of the Ministry of Defence and all official information and secret emails,” the message read.

The hackers said they had “completely infiltrated” 34 ministries and there was no quick fix.

They said the government had underestimated the scale of the attack.

The head of Mozambique’s National Institute of Electronic Government, Erminio Jasse had on Monday assured that no information was stolen.

The government is expected to give an update again on Wednesday.

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