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ICC Case: “To the guilty, be afraid. Be very afraid!” – Femi Falana

Senior Advocate of Nigeria Femi Falana says, the current exertions by those responsible for the latest use of men of the Nigerian army to massacre peaceful protesters are sure to be in vain.

He adds that such state actors who, I quote, “are sure to be called-upon by the International Criminal Court for explanation are going about trying to divert attention away from themselves.

Mr Falana was reacting to the Criminal complaint filed against him by Joseph Nwaegbu, a senior Associate of Pathfind Attorneys on behalf of Make Nigeria Better Initiative to the ICC, where he is accused of instigating the violent EndSARS protests that led to the killing of innocent citizens, destruction of properties and other crimes against humanity in Nigeria last month.

Mr Falana adds that the group, quote, ” and their shadowy minders and paymasters obviously think that the ICC is a forum for frivolities, and will sooner or later know that the ICC is not such a place.

He welcomes them to pursue their petition, saying he moves around the world in easy and undisturbed passage, unlike his detractors.

The popular activist ended his statement with these words, “To the Guilty, Be Afraid. Be very afraid!”

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