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I’m happy ‘terrorist’ Trump’s presidency is ending – Iranian president

Speaking during a televised meeting, Rouhani issued scathing attacks on Trump, accusing him of hampering Iran’s ability to respond to the Covid-19 outbreak by blocking its efforts to acquire a vaccine through the World Health Organization.

A person who committed so many atrocities, who was a killer, a terrorist, who doesn’t even spare our vaccine efforts. This is how much this person is bereft of all ethical and human principles.

Iran has been the worst-hit country in the Middle East, with over 1.1 million confirmed coronavirus cases and 52,670 fatalities from the virus since the start of the pandemic. Case numbers have been rising sharply in recent months, as Tehran’s medical facilities have struggled to meet the demand and get the necessary medical equipment to support patients and protect healthcare workers.

Rouhani and Trump have clashed repeatedly over the last few years as the White House pulled out of the Iran nuclear deal and attempted to pressure Iran through a series of sanctions, which have reportedly crippled the Iranian economy and angered Tehran, instead of encouraging them to renegotiate the agreement.

While the Iranian president was critical of Trump, he did not offer a glowing praise of President-elect Biden, simply stating that his country is “not very excited with Biden.” Nevertheless, Rouhani has expressed a willingness to work with the incoming administration to expand ties with Western countries.

Biden has been clear that, once in office, he will seek to rejoin the deal and lift the recently imposed sanctions. However, he has said negotiations will also need to take place to discuss the Iranian missiles program and other activities in the region, which Rouhani has so far dismissed.

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