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L.A. Sheriff’s Officer had sex at Universal Studios with microphone on

An LA County Sheriff’s deputy has been placed on leave after having sex while on duty near the Bates Motel section at Universal Studios. To make matters worse, his microphone was on during the entire act.

The unidentified officer does not say much, but his female company is heard moaning and breathing heavily into the mic in the clip obtained by TMZ. A female dispatcher heard the encounter and alerted the officer that he had an “open mic.”

“95 Ocean, you have an open mic. 95 Ocean, you have an open mic — take care of mic,” the dispatcher says to the officer as his sex partner continues moaning. It appears that neither of them hears the dispatcher trying to alert them.

The L.A. Sheriff’s department confirmed in a statement to TMZ that the deputy was removed from duty as they investigate the incident.

“The deputy was immediately relieved of duty, and an administrative investigation has been opened. The deputy’s peace officer’s powers have been suspended, and the proper administrative action will be taken based on the outcome of the investigation.”

Universal Studios Hollywood has been closed since March due to #COVID19, though the compound’s film studio portion is open for some working on movie sets. It is unclear if the woman was a fellow deputy or employee with Universal Studios.

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