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Live Abundantly! hosts interactive session to mark 2021 children’s day

In its usual tradition of commemorating the annual children’s day, Live Abundantly! Empowerment Initiative has organised an interactive session tagged “Ring the bell: Investing in our children.”

The 2021 interactive event had a question and answer session between the children and a panel of experts on topics ranging from Abuse, Cybercrime, Discrimination, Social training and Personal Care.

In their submissions, the panelists noted that the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic has exposed children to various violent acts, including rape, molestation and illegal hawking. They charged parents and guardians to report cases of abuse and child defilement so as to bring suspects to book.

One of the Panelists, Abi Sotiminu, an educationist and child advocate stated that no kid below the age of 16 should be on social media so as to protect them from various ranges of abuse. She noted that a lot of kids go through traumatic situations even in their parents home.

“It is very traumatic for kids to go through child abuse, but they must reach out to help. The child cannot afford to keep quiet and must reach out to the police, his or her teacher at school or non-governmental organisations like Live Abundantly!’, she stated.

In her presentation titled “Our body, our brain”, Founder and Executive Director of Live Abundantly!, Dr. Ama Onyerinma harped on the importance of good health & body immunity.

She listed four important factors responsible for promoting good health as good nutrition, exercise, mindfulness/meditation & sleep. She urged the children to have a good balanced diet & clean potable water to aid good body and mind growth.

“The life expectancy for a female in Nigeria is 62 while that of the male is 59. This is basically because people are not talking care of their physical and mental health. We must eat well, sleep well, do more exercises and meditate to improve on our health”, she stated.

In his closing remarks, a member of the board of trustees, Peter Armand Boyo urged the children to be best behaved at all times and be good ambassadors. He urged them to shun the influence of cybercrime and report any case of abuse against them.

There was music and other presentations to entertain the participants. The session was anchored by Nifemi Oguntoye

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