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Live Abundantly! Launches Podcast Series For Social Change

In accordance with its ethos of investing in communities and promoting positive social change, Live Abundantly! has formally launched ‘Thinking Reimagined’, a podcast series dedicated to changing the mindset for a better global society.

The launch of the podcast which coincided with Nigeria’s 61st Independence day anniversary held at the Bature Brewery and debuted with a panel discussion on what true independence means to different individuals.

During one of the sessions, the Executive Director of Migrant Voice Association, Jeremiah Adelu who had once attempted to leave Nigeria for Europe through irregular migration spoke of his unrealisable search for independence which made him travel through a very dangerous journey via the desert.

Adelu described how he had to travel out of the country because of the lack of viable opportunities. He however believes true independence comes with peace of mind.

In his contribution, Executive Coach & Public Speaker, Bisi Alimi who was also on the list of panelist described true independence as a function of one’s state of mind. He spoke on how he as an example, made a conscious plan to be independent and found fulfillment in what he does.

Other panelists including Educationist and Advocate, Abi Sotuminu; Founder, Female Returned Migrants Network, Chylian Azuh; Human Rights Activist, Olufunso Ayodele and Communications Consultant, Oluwatobi Ayodele all agreed that independence means being able to know, pursue and achieve personal dreams and desires.

While speaking at the event, Founder and Executive Director of Live Abundantly!, Dr Ama Onyerinma however noted that it is possible to be independent.

“Being Independent varies. My independence right now means being able to affect lives. Independence changes as we evolve or grow older but generally, it means being able to live the kind of life you want to”, she stated.

She noted that the Thinking Reimagined podcast went live in January, 2021 and airs weekly various platforms including Apple Podcast, Google Podcast, Anchor FM, Spotify and several other platforms in order to fill the need for intergenerational, curiosity-driven dialogue which is essential to sustainable global existence for all regardless of age, gender, religion and socio-economic stand.

She believes people make up a country and to achieve true independence, we must continually raise conciousness and change our mindsets.

(L-R Chairperson of Live Abundantly, Prince Gbenga Oguntayo; Founder and Executive Director of Live Abundantly!, Dr. Ama Onyerinma; Operations Manager, Mrs. Laja)

In his vote of thanks, the chairperson of Live Abundantly, Prince Gbenga Oguntayo while wishing all the attendees a happy independence anniversary, enjoined all, whether in the country or in the diaspora to uphold and honour our country as that is the only way to build a truly independent country.

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