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Nigeria’s Democratic Transition & The Need For Experience of The Next President

Gentlemen of the Press, I’m comrade Bature Johnson, who doubles as the founder and president of [IAADHR] herein Nigeria,
We are stakeholders in the Nigerian Project and a body of activists who are committed to the development of Nigeria and her citizenry.

That we commend President Muhammadu Buhari in the ways he has pilot the affairs of the country since he was inaugurated and particularly in the mature way he handled the recent party primary of the APC where he did not impose any candidate on the party and allowed the delegates to freely chose the candidate of their choice which led to the emergence of Senator Bola Ahmed Tinubu as the APC Presidential Candidate for the 2023 elections.

This will engender a process in which the presidential candidates in Nigeria will be made up of individuals with pedigree and a history of performance. Regard must be given to the Governors under APC for allowing reason to prevail over sentiments in allowing a presidential candidate from the Southern part of Nigeria to emerge. In doing this, they have shown that they are good leaders who put the national interest over and above their personal interests.

Let us make it clear that what Nigeria needs today is a leader and a president that has pedigree and the ability to perform and raise the bar.A man who have performed and has enough passion for the development of Nigeria, an individual who can bring foreign investment and encourage and build a Nigeria of our dreams, thereby reducing poverty, crime and insecurity.

Nigeria needs an individual whose experience is sufficient for us to move forward not the propaganda that is being bandied around by those who never mean well.

Thus the educational background of such individual once it satisfy constitutional requirements suffices and should not be the standard to measure individual performances particularly those that aspire to the position of President in Nigeria as we have seen that most of the great men and women that have ruled several countries in the world are not with formal education.

Our belief is that of we remove sentiments from our mind and allow reason to prevail, then and only then can we get an individual to ascend the position of the President of Nigeria. Looking at the array of candidates presented by the various political parties, we make bold to assert that Senator Bola Ahmed Tinubu of the APC stand above the rest and is the person that can best take charge of Nigeria and perform creditably well and create a Nigeria of our dreams.

While we diligently support responsive and purposeful leadership.

Comrade Bature Johnson is the President of International Association for Advancements and Defense of Human Rights (IAADHR)

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