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Nigeria’s Security Forces Deserve Accolades, Support – LRA

A Member House of Representatives Candidate, People`s Redemption Party, Ifako Ijaiye Federal Constituency, Lagos- Nigeria in the forthcoming election, 2023, Hon. Ayoola Lawal Odunewu ( LRA) has commended the Nigerian security agencies for their recent onslaught on the dreaded terrorists and criminals in Northern Nigeria.

He urged the security agencies to sustain their tempo at the least.

In a statement issued on Monday, 19th September 2022. Hon. Ayoola said it seems the Nigerian security forces have gotten their groove back. The recent demonstration of the top-notch performance of the onslaught on the terrorists, bandits, and insurgents in Northern Nigeria worth our praises.

“I pray they will sustain the new energy, motivation, and strategy that inspired their renewed performance against the dreaded criminals.

“It is imperative and our civic responsiblity to encourage our gallant forces if they are trying their best to keep us safe and criticize them when doing otherwise in their expected responsibilities. It`s been a while since we experienced this type of renewed turning-up of the heat on terrorists and other criminals in Northern Nigeria.

“Time for the media and us as citizens to act responsibly by accurately reporting and promoting the advancement of our security forces in the battleground against the terrorists.

“The recent news confirmed that Nigerian security agencies are regaining claimed territories from the bandits and killing the terrorists in scores while no or very few casualties are on the side of the Nigerian- forces as reported.

Member House of Representatives Candidate, People`s Redemption Party, Ifako Ijaiye Federal Constituency, Lagos- Nigeria, Hon. Ayoola Lawal Odunewu ( LRA)

“The Nigerian forces is making life, operations, and coordination difficult for the insurgents. Terrorists that we used to see in viral videos brazenly assembled openly for their nefarious activities are now running for cover.

“The recently reported coordinated heavy shelling of the terrorists in their hideouts forced many to surrender while others taking to their heels is restoring hope and optimism among residents of Northern communities.

“The time Nigeria needs us more than ever is now. We should not cease to commend our forces and leaders when they are on track and constructively criticize when their performance is less than our expected standard.

“Thanks to the Nigerian forces again and all the unsung heroes behind their renewed hope, energy and motivation”, He stated.

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