Only Collective Sacrifice Can Rescue Nigeria From Total Collapse – Hon. Ayoola

A former secretary of APC Committee of Diaspora Chairmen and House of lRepresentatitives hopeful in the 2023 general election, Ifako Ijaiye Federal Constituency, Lagos, Nigeria, Hon. Ayoola Lawal, has called for the collective sacrifice and efforts of all Nigerians, irrespective of political affiliations, tribe or religion, to rescue Nigeria from total collapse.

In a chat with our international correspondent, Hon. Ayoola stated that It is no longer a brainer that Nigeria needs a new direction and a rescue mission by a new generation of leaders and committed citizens.

“The steering of the nation is beyond the capability of the present government.

“The statement credited to Mr. President that he can`t wait to leave the office which he went for a broke for more than a decade to get was indeed a clear message.

“The Kidnapping rate, banditry sequence, serial terrorists attacks on sensitive public and private instititutions, state of the economy, killings of special guards of bridage of Mr President, and worse of it all, attacks and open threat of kidnapping Mr. President, governors and politicians.

“If I may recall, General Muhammad Buhari and others were on the streets of Abuja, protesting against the state of insecurity in Nigeria and calling for ex-President Jonathan’s resignation when things were not close to this level of insecurity and anarchy.

If people who joined General Buhari against insecurity in the country when things were not this bad are now keeping mute, it shows that there is a lot to be learned and unlearned about humanity, intentions and leadership.

“If I may recall, Nigerians from all walks of life, including my humble self were on the streets of 3-different European countries back then, demonstrating against ex President Jonathan’s handling of the security of Nigeria when it was close to this abysmal level.

“Reading headlines of Newspapers and watching news on the state of insecurity in the land now, the questions I keep asking myself are; where are the people that joined present Muhammad Buhari to protest then?

“Were all the political play not out of genuine patrotism, and are these leaders helpless now or what?

We can`t fold our hands, keep mute for reasons known to each individual and allow our country collapse. History will not forgive us all that could do something before its too late. Time to save our land is now!

“A timeless proverb says a stitch in time saves nine.

“As much as I commend the courage and candidness of the National Security Adviser, Babagana Monguno, who said the soldiers of the Presidential Guards Brigade “were ambushed and decimated,” an indication of the worsening security situation in the country and the confirmation that elite soldiers guarding the president were ambushed and many of them were killed, I strongly condemn the down playing act of our elderstatemen, Mr. Minister of Information, Alh Lai Mohmmad on the security situtation of our nation.

“Truth be told, Mr . Minister should please be symapthetic for once with Nigerians that have been victims of this insecurity across the land.

“The reality is striking us all in our faces. All Nigerians home and abroad, are collateral damage. If care is not taken and we allow Nigeria to collapse, many of our so-called big men in Nigeria will be refugees in small countries, God forbid.

“Those who think they are safe might be surprised that their families abroad might not find peace again in any location they might be residing outside Nigeria. The message is getting louder in Nigerian gatherings in the diaspora.

“The country’s present security situation is nothing to downplay or play party politics with anymore. The situation calls for unity and not statements that helps nobody and our nation at this point because our country is at a point of collapse under the government we all laboured to install. Time to pull together to safe Nigeria is now!

“It is time to call for help from all Nigerians, and international bodies.l.

“It is also not too late for Mr. Presiden Buhari APC led government to be to look deeper into their hearts, and pull together with all citizens to safe Nigeria from total collapse and state of anarchy,” he stated.

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