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Phd in Economics versus Economic Development (Case of Africans) – EE Okpa

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Like one Ogoni-Nigerian Magnus Kpakol from Dallas Baptist University – DBU, who served as Economic Adviser to Obasanjo in 2003.

He was a disaster. He confessed to me as he attended meetings to pursue forgiveness and or reduction in Nigeria foreign debts, members of London and Paris Clubs, ignored him as he was thin on collateral contents. He once asked me to provide him a concept of creating a publicly subscribed fund as alternative or parallel to sovereign fund, I declined because he wanted it free.

I asked him doesn’t he have a budget to pay for such? Had I given him that, he wouldn’t give me credit or even mention it.

Obasanjo finally removed and demoted him to Coordinator for Poverty Alleviation.

PhD in Economics is not Economic Development as far as Africans parading such degree.

Economic Development takes more to achieve and deliver than certificates and degrees.

Most Africans with PhD use it for prestige not for the heavylifting that such ought to produce.

I know plenty of them. They can’t even address the concept of “Six Functions of Money” to relate it an economy.

EE OKPA is a Community Engagement Practitioner. He wrote in from Dallas, Texas.

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