PHOTOS: French undercover gunrunner nabbed with cache of sophisticated weapons

He is a French man, of Tunisian heritage. His name is Quignolot Remy Juan, a journalist who also claims to be a humanitarian worker.

But it appears his avowed professions are mere fronts for his more clandestine presence in Africa, our Africa. At least, that is what findings about him suggest.

Juan is said to be an active mercenary selling deaths around the continent.

Evidence, you asked?

Juan was reportedly nabbed in Bangui, capital of the Central African Republic, CAR, with a cache of sophisticated weapons in his apartment, purported to be for CPC rebels.

Worse still, reports have it that the French embassy is already working in his extradition to Paris, a seeming attempt to pull wool over certain disturbing facts his arrest may reveal.

Add that to the sundry allegations about the French government’s involvement in fuelling the Boko Haram/ISWA insurgency in Nigeria, one begins to understand why crises in Africa appear intractable

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