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PLIF Commends Amendment to Electoral Act, Urge Nigerians to Vote Credible Leaders

Nigerians from all walks of life have continued to praise the Senate for reversing its earlier position not to allow the use of electronic voting and transmission of result in the coming elections in the country.

In a statement issued by the President of People’s Life Improvement Foundation, Sir Precious Elekimà, he praised the action of the Legislature and urged President Muhammadu Buhari to do the needful by signing the amendment bill into law as soon as he received it.

“On behalf of the People’s Life Improvement Foundation, I heartily appreciate the National Assembly, Governors, Religious Leaders, Nigerians and friends of Nigeria, on the journey of giving the power to the people of Nigeria for them to consent to who shall rule them as representatives of the people from the Federal to the Local Government.

“For nearly four years, our organization, The People’s Life Improvement Foundation saddled itself with the arduous task of ensuring that Nigerians truly understand the reason why our pattern of election must change to reflect why only the people must elect their political leadership because, the constitution of Nigeria has vested the sovereignty of Nigeria on the people.

“Power belongs to the people, unfortunately it has only been on the lips, while the strong, rich, thugs, guns are what dictates who gets elected in Nigeria.

President, People’s Life Improvement Foundation, Sir Precious Elekimà

“Regrettably, Nigerians had never had the opportunity to elect their political leadership largely due to the porous and disenfranchising electoral law governing the conduct of elections in Nigeria.

“We, therefore embarked on a crusade to educate the people of the need for astute leadership in Nigeria, knowing fully well that it will be a function of the National Assembly and the Executive branch to correct the areas that has robbed Nigeria the opportunity of electing the right leaders according to the the Holy Bible and the Holy Koran that introduced self government (Democracy – Government of the people by the people for the people) on the basis of human equality.

“The process was for the people to elect or select those who they have seen as virtuous men and women to be elected as leaders based on their personal accomplishments which will be used to judge them by the electorate who have to decide who to entrust their Treasury and resources for a given period of time according to the constitution.

“This process had before now, been hijacked by clueless people foisted forcefully to play leadership roles nationwide which unfortunately, had led to the collapse of the country.

“Now, that the law which deprived Nigerians their natural right of choosing leaders of their choice has been amended this week, by the National Assembly, Nigeria is on the threshold of economic, and political recovery that will guarantee freedom, prosperity and peace to all.

“We, also appreciate the selfless men and women of PLIF who contributed by no small means to the successful engagement of the legislative and executive branch, and also were able to minister the gospel to other like-minded organizations who bought the idea to help spread the crusade.

“No one person could have been able to do it alone.

“While we await the assent of Mr President, we congratulate the legislative branch for a job well done and we also thank Mr President in advance for his signing into law this Landmark amendment to the electoral act.

“Virtue is the ingredient of good governance. We need good men and women to build a better society. Nigeria is almost a failed State this is the opportunity and time of restoration”, he stated.

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