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Seek consultants before traveling abroad, experts urge Nigerians

Chief Executive Office of, Mr. Abiodin Akinyemi has urged Nigerians to seek proper counselling before embarking on journeys overseas to avoid gambling their time, effort and money.

Akinyemi told the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) in Lagos, on Saturday.

He said that his company, Visapoint provides the simplest solution to process travel, visa and immigration concerns.

“Experiencing the diversity, flavour and potential foreign lands presents  is one unique experience that everyone should constantly always look forward to in one’s life journey”.

“Although, most people who aspire to travel or exploit their potential in other countries are faced with challenges such as finance and access barriers which pose major hurdles.

“In stark contrast to our situation, people from highly developed countries like the United States of America, Canada, the United Kingdom amongst others have increased access to visa and travel around the world.

“Nigerians and Africans at large have been subjected to discrimination, unnecessary bureaucracy and limited in access to other countries. intends to change that narrative, ” he said.

According to him, Visapoint was best acknowledged as the leading travel, visa and immigration service company offering outstanding value to make travel effortlessly accessible from Africa to any part of the world.

“Visapoint.Travel” was set up to address these travel concerns and provide an enabling medium to bridge the gaps facing traveling from this part of the world.

Akinyemi recounted the challenges that most visa applicants go through and how was designed to address the needs as well as guide applicants to the life they’ve always wanted.

He also stated that the platform was completely designed with up to date information, tips, guides and deals through the podcast content and YouTube channel of the Travelvoice show. The program was designed to help applicants get on their way to experiencing the essential and unknown world.

“Part of which there would be a weekly delivery of the best hard-hitting analysis of travel visa and immigration matters to further guide and educate intended travelers, ” he said.

Akinyemi said that was here to break the barriers that has limited  well meaning travellers.

According to him, “in all my years of industry experience, I am yet to see travel companies focus on the segment of the market that is restricted in access and affordability to become concerned with solutions to those peculiar problems facing the continent.  If you ask the average Nigerian if he wants to travel, it’s usually top of their bucket list but soon realizes there are some major hurdles to skip every time. is here to make sure you get on your way now, not tomorrow.”

“Most travel organizations seek personal interests without considering the customers unique circumstances and go further to make promises of things beyond their control.  is not affiliated with any embassy, high commission, visa application center or government.

Akinyemi, has assured that was not here to make sales of flight ticket and hotel bookings alone but enable  the African continent fulfill its potential through continuous and unhindered travel.

“More importantly, some of the benefits include assisting those in need of help with advisory and counselling services, evisa services, mock interview sessions, provision of select travel documents, financial support services, school finder and admission processing services, migration and post Visa refusal servies.

He said that, Nigeria stands in a very unique place in the pursuit of a true global  agenda where free movement of goods and services is beneficial to everyone and must be smartly encouraged.

Also, one unique feature of their products is the capacity to democratize and offer clients the flexibility to make choices tailored to their dynamic needs.

As well as the professional consultants who are very much ready to put people through the processes to achieve their desired results.

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