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Terrorists Release Clip of Hostages From Train Attack Pleading For Help

Kidnap Victims of the March 28 train attack in Kaduna are again calling on the Federal Government to speed up measures to rescue them from captivity.

In a latest video released by their abductors, some of the male victims where made to kneel while the women sat on a mat.

Among the hostages allowed to speak is Sadiq Abdullahi, the son of the Northern Elders Forum (NEF) Chiarman, Ango Abdullahi, and a woman who claims to a be former classmate to Vice President Yemi Osinbajo.

In the Video, a terrorist in mask who spoke in english this time, appealed to the Government to either rescue them or abandon them in the forest.

The families of the hostages had last week confirmed threats by the armed gang to kill the victims if the government failed to meet their demands within seven days.

Recall that over 62 passengers were abducted on the 28th of March when armed terrorists ambushed a kaduna bound train.

The Kaduna state government later confirmed that at least eight people were killed including a medical doctor, Chinelo Megafu, while atleast 26 other were reportedly injured.

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