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VIDEO: Afrobeat legend, Femi Anikulapo Kuti releases ‘Pa-pa-pa’

Afrobeat legend, Femi Anikulapo Kuti has released single ‘Papapa’ in a glittering video on 1 December.

Most parts of ‘Papapa’ music video, directed by Adasa Cookey was shot at the New Afrika Shrine, Lagos in January 2020 under the label of Partisan Records, with Nigerians of all ages making appearances and demanding that basic social amenities work for all.

‘Papapa’ is a call on the Nigerian political class to swiftly improve the living conditions of the electorate or get voted out – ‘Papapa’ is a Yoruba onomatopoeic word which indicates speed.

The track is a classic Femi Kuti jam, with his signature action packed beats by his Positive Force Band. Percussion in grand unison with rich sounds of the horns in simultaneous colorful gyration by some of the most flamboyant Afrobeat queens ever seen.

‘Papapa’ is a single off Femi Kuti’s eleventh upcoming album which is a collaborative project with son.

“This track is from our two albums in one project titled, Legacy+ featuring my son Made Kuti and I. It will be out on 5 February 2021.”

Meanwhile, Made Kuti released his single ‘Your Enemy’, in tandem with ‘Papapa’ on the same day.

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