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Wara Boat Mishap: Over 100 victims yet to be recovered (PICTURES)

Over one hundred victims are yet to be recovered from River Niger after the ill fated boat mishap carrying over one hundred and sixty persons capsized in Wara town.

The boat residents said it was carrying traders, children and workers of a nearby goldmine close to Loko-mina town in Niger state and heading to Wara town in Ngaski local government area of Kebbi state.

Officials says over forty seven corpses have so far been recovered from the river and search and rescue operation is still ongoing in Wara town and surrounding villages.

Local divers in surrounding villages where the River Niger flows through are also making efforts to recover corpses of victims.

The accident occurred due to overloading of the boat which was original meant for about sixty passengers, but carried over one hundred and sixty passengers.

River Niger travels through several communities in Kebbi state with communities in Dandi, Suru, Argungu. Shanga, Yauri, Ngaski local government areas having large span of their land covered with waters of River Niger, a situation that made the area prone to flooding.

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