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Workers’ Day: Nigerian workers demand end to insecurity, implementation of minimum wage

As the world celebrates the international workers day. Nigerian workers across the country are gathered at the Eagle Square in Abuja, the nation’s capital to demand for better working conditions and improved security.

At the event, members of Nigeria Labour Congress (TUC) and its Trade Union Congress (TUC) counterpart would attempt to speak ‘truth to power,’ as soul-searching speeches are expected from NLC President, Ayuba Wabba, and his TUC counterpart, Quadri Olaleye.

Workers are expecting that there will be demands aimed at curtailing the spread of insecurity, haphazard implementation of minimum wage, rising inflation, concrete action on the revitalisation of refineries amid push for full deregulation of the downstream sector of the Nigeria oil industry, devaluation of the naira. Chairmen of state councils would equally.

Chairmen of state councils would equally be making their demands in the various state capitals.

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